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  So-Called Catholic Blog of Yahoo chatters
4: sucks (997 votes)
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This totally made me ill. A blog that does nothing great accept show how retarded people can be when using their Faith to attack people who have the same issues they do. Being human. It's absolutely childish to blog on the stupid antics of what is said in a chat room,
  Friday, August 26, 18:33 2011 GMT
2. Stupidest
  Here is the stupidest post on the stupidest blog.
5: blows chunks (2281 votes)
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Actually, this site is an inspiring link-trap, it is rather well done...

However, just because you build it doesn't mean they come. Therein, lies the fly in the ointment. There still has to be a human behind the robot.

Not realizing this, the creators of Stupidest and Stupidest Other are left with some empty real estate...

But frankly, who cares?
  Saturday, March 28, 19:10 2009 GMT
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